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Ethics Line

The MEGlobal Ethics Line is available globally, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is completely anonymous. Use the Ethics Line to:

  • report a suspected or actual violation of law or policy
  • ask a question about a situation for clarification, to determine if it is a violation.
  • The MEGlobal Ethics Line phone number is: +1 888 513 8174.

What to Expect When You Call

When you call the MEGlobal Ethics Line, a trained communications specialist answers your call, listens as you ask questions or describe your concern, then provides you with a unique code number and date to call back to follow up on the status of your call.

Following your call, the specialist documents your question or concern and forwards the report to the Ethics & Compliance Committee of the Company for review and handling. The outcome of the Company review will be relayed to you when you call the Ethics Line on the scheduled date for the follow-up.

Ethics Line Staff

The Ethics Line is not answered on MEGlobal premises. It is operated by a professional third-party vendor that provides similar services to other global companies. Use of an outside professional service allows callers the ability to remain anonymous, should they prefer.
Please note that because the people who staff the Ethics Line are not MEGlobal employees, they will not have specific information about MEGlobal’s ethics program. However, they can redirect your request or question to MEGlobal’s Ethics Committee for appropriate response.

MEGlobal Ethics Line – Exceptions

In Switzerland when dialing from a cell phone using the Orange Telecommunications system, the area code needs to be changed from 888 to 881 to function.
The number is only toll free (no charge) when being dialed from Canada or the USA.
If you discover any other exceptions, please advise us immediately so that we can update this page.

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