Responsible Care: Codes of Practice

Codes of Practice

  • Each member and partner company must commit to implementing the ethics and codes of practice of Responsible Care® within three years of joining the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC). The most senior executives of each member company meet quarterly in Leadership Groups to share problems, successes and to exert peer pressure.

    The Responsible Care codes of practice relate to three key areas:

    • Operations — expectations for the safe, environmentally and socially responsible management of facilities and equipment
    • Stewardship — expectations for the development of new products and services and the responsible management of raw materials and products through their lifecycle
    • Accountability — expectations for advancing public policy to support sustainability and for understanding and responding to stakeholders’ expectations related to social responsibilities beyond those aspects related to health, safety and environment.


    Full details on the codes of practice can be found on the CIAC and Responsible Care websites.