MEGlobal celebrates International Women’s Day with donations to local organizations

MEGlobal Canada ULC is proud to announce its support for International Women’s Day by contributing $2,500 each to two vital organizations: A Safe Place in Fort Saskatchewan and the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter in Red Deer.

As a company committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion both within our organization and in the communities where we operate, MEGlobal recognizes the importance of supporting organizations that provide essential services to women in need. These donations reflect our dedication to creating a more equitable and supportive society for women and girls.

A Safe Place, located in Fort Saskatchewan, provides shelter, support, and advocacy services for individuals and families affected by domestic violence and abuse. The organization offers a safe refuge for women and children fleeing dangerous situations, along with counseling, resources, and outreach programs aimed at breaking the cycle of violence.

Similarly, the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter (CAWES) in Red Deer offers a lifeline to women and children facing crisis situations, providing emergency shelter, counseling, and support services to help survivors rebuild their lives free from violence and abuse. Through their comprehensive programs and community outreach initiatives, the shelter plays a vital role in addressing the needs of vulnerable women and families in the region.

“MEGlobal has a long history of partnering with local non-profits making a difference in our communities and on this International Women’s Day, it makes me proud to direct that support to groups that serve and support women and girls,” said Trish Thompson, MEGlobal corporate communications leader. “A Safe Place and the CAWES are both able to shine a light and provide education and services that can improve lives and, in some cases, even save them. We’re honored to help them in their missions.”

About MEGlobal

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