MEGlobal donates personal protective equipment to local fire departments

OYSTER CREEK – Today, MEGlobal Oyster Creek donated more than 1,500 Tyvek suits to local fire departments to assist them in meeting their personal protective equipment (PPE) needs.

Brazoria County Fire Marshall Martin Vela said the suits will be “extremely beneficial to fire and emergency services operations.”

“With the events unfolding, fire departments have been depleting their inventory of PPE and are unable to restock their supplies.  This is very concerning when normal purchasing options have been extended or normal options are not available. Having proper PPE for unknown or known medical emergencies provides the fire service with a valuable level of protection for our first responders,” he said.

Vela added that more than half the county’s 26 departments are in immediate needs of the suits, and nine of those departments are 100 per cent volunteer. 

“Volunteer departments rely heavily on private donations throughout the year,” said Vela. “This tremendous donation has taken a small burden off their shoulders and filled a gap.”

MEGlobal Site Leader Scott Daigle said his company was happy to be able to help.

“In times like these we all need to step up and find ways to help each other,” he said. “We were hearing about PPE shortages among our emergency responders and we had extra Tyvek suits left from the site construction that was completed last year. It made perfect sense to give them to the people who are on the front lines right now.”

MEGlobal has also donated $5,000 to ACTIONS Inc. to support their efforts to provide meals and groceries to local senior citizens, as well as $2,500 to the United Way of Brazoria County to assist with their COVID-19 response.

About MEGlobal:

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